• Street Food @ Food Street-Glutton Street-Wai Sek Kai, Pudu Kuala Lumpur PART II

    Happens very often somehow for no reason at all, you wake up early in the morning with an empty stomach and start craving for all kinds of food. Here's the part II of my previous coverage at Glutton Street. Attempted a few visits at different time. And this time it's in the morning and then in the evening.

    At Glutton Street, there are only a few stalls operating at a row of old wooden shops. Headed here for the famous Hakka Noodle, also known as Dai Pu Mien,  that carries over 70 years of history.


        Hakka Noodle (Dai Pu Mien) @  Food Street-Glutton Street-Wai Sek Kai (Morning)




    The stall serves Hakka Noodles in pork lard and soy sauce gravy as well as in soup. Both at RM 4.20 per bowl (small).

    It was non starchy and with springy texture egg noodles which ewere tossed with pork lard and light soy sauce (ask for fish sauce if you prefer) topped with minced pork, barbeque meat and spring onions, and came with a bowl of wan tan soup. The noodles with soup were good too.

    So, there ended the morning session of Glutton Street.

    Now...it's evening time and these are the few famous stalls (continued from Part I)


                                                 Pork and offal soup stall


                          Pork and offal brewed with Chinese herbs and salted vegetable


    I am not a big fan of pork and offal soup but I would say that this broth is a wonderful mix with fresh pork meat, offals and spices simmered for long hours. Unlike one of those thick and heavy stew, this is tasty clear and aromatic. Distinctive indeed!


                                                    Grilled tofu and rojak stall


    Perfectly grilled, crunchy and crispy tofu stuffed with cucumber and turnip julienne topped with thick and tasty prawn paste.


    Rojak, one of the Malaysia all time favorite snacks! Yes, this is extremely yummy @ RM 15.00 per pack. It comes with set of grilled tofu, grilled flattened cuttle fish and grilled baby squids topped with exotic shrimp paste. Unforgettable!


                                              Pork Noodles & Seafood Noodles Stall


    The essential part of the Pork noodles served by this stall is the soup which is a rich broth made of minced pork and offal cooked in a pork stock. Satisfying.


                                                               Dessert stall


    Another stall with long history! This stall is famous for its steamed egg custard dessert. Light, smooth and silky. Portion is small, a bowl is not enough? Order another then! Other than this,   the stall offers other desserts and sweet broth as well.



    Pudu Wai Sek Kai (Glutton Street)
    Jalan Sayur off Jalan Pudu,
    55100 Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

    For more photos:

    Lushia's Food Blog-Street Food Kuala Lumpur



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