• Street Food @ Food Street-Glutton Street-Wai Sek Kai, Pudu Kuala Lumpur PART I

    Eating is the favorite past time cum recreational activity for Malaysian families- I say!

    And as such, where would be the best place to mingle and eat to glory in Kuala Lumpur? Here's a short review.

                            Street Food @ Food Street (Glutton Street/Wai Sek Kai), Pudu

    Hawkers have been running their trade on this street for more than 50 years and most of them are now run by the second or third generation.

    Below are few of the worth trying stalls:

                                     Four eyed (Sei Ngan Zai) Fried Chicken Stall

    For my personal opinion, it's better than KFC. It's fresh, crispy, well marinated, not overly greasy, and very tasty. Fried chicken @ RM 2.60 per piece, Chicken wing @ RM 2.20, Drumstick @ RM 4.20

                                        Rice Noodle Roll (Chee Cheung Fun) Stall
                     Rice Noodle Rolls with curry and deep fried pork skin @v RM 2.50

    Do head for the rice noodle stall! Though the queue is long but the turnaround time is short and it's definitely worth trying.  Rice rolls drown in curry with spongy yet crunchy bits of deep fried pork skin. Aromatic curry sauce with depth of rempah used. You may opt to savour rice rolls doused with sweet sauce topped with bits of crispy  fried shrimps. And also, thumbs up for the texture of the rice noodles, smooth and slurpy!

    Other than this, the stall serves rice rolls wrapped with vege (above pic) @ RM 0.60 per piece and yam cake as well.

                                                  Fried Raddish Cake Stall

    Fried Raddish Cake @ RM 4.00 per plate. Cake texture is firm and yet velvety. Fried with well controlled heat and a mixture of seasoning.

                                                       Mutton Soup Stall

    Mutton tendon soup @ RM 7.00 per bowl. The stall is located towards the end of the street. And it's the only halal stall available in Glutton Street. Business is running well too. Worth a try!

    Here I go again! Eat to glory!

    Stay tuned for Part II in a week or two!

    Pudu Wai Sek Kai (Glutton Street)
    Jalan Sayur off Jalan Pudu,
    55100 Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

    For more photos:

    Lushia's Food Blog-Street Food Kuala Lumpur


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