• Lok Lok Steamboat & Grill on Wheels @ Puchong Parking Lot

    If you don't know where to go for a quick snacking session or supper, here's a suggestion! I discovered an open space parking lot located behind Courts Mammoth in Puchong Jaya. By evening, there would be several steamboat & grill on wheels (mini lorries) parking there and starting their business as usual.


                       Lok Lok Steamboat & Grill on Wheels @ Puchong Jaya Parking Lot

    Besides steamboat and grill on wheels, there are other stalls selling noodles, rice and porridge as well. By late night, there will be more Lok Lok Steamboat and grill on wheels too.


    Pick your favorite -hand it over to the operator if you want it grilled. And if not, you may opt to cook it at the pot of boilling water. There are several sauces - peanut sauce, chilli sauce and sweet black bean sauce for you to pair with your cooked ingredients.

    Meat balls, lambs, seafood, sausages, veges- they almost have it all! So now, where for supper?


    Open Parking Space
    Bandar Puchong Jaya
    (Behind Courts Mammoth)

    For more photos:

    Lushia's Food Blog-Street Food Selangor


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