• Tong Bee Stall @ side lane of Jalan Kee Ann (Bunga Raya) Malacca

    Remember my last post on Capital Delicious Seafood? I mentioned that there was another stall that operated at the same lane, here's the coverage.

                          Tong Bee Stall @ side lane of Jalan Kee Ann (Bunga Raya) Malacca

    The stall offers various type uncommon cockles, snails and other shellfish. Other than this, the stall serves snack plates like fried bean curd with fishballs and cuttlefish with water spinach (kang kung) as well.

                                                                Cockerels & Lala


                                                                Snails & Prawns 


    Snack Plate- Fried bean curd, bean curd skin & fishballs with sauce
    Snack Plate- Cuttle fish with water spinach served with sauce and pounded peanuts

                       Calamansi-honey flavoured chilli sauce with pounded peanuts

    Patrons are provided with tiny two-pronged fork to extract the mollusc meat from the shellfish pried open with bare hands. Not forgetting to dip them into the flavourful calamansi-honey flavoured chilli sauce (sambal)

    The stall at the narrow street with mouldy walls on the left and right seems eerie, but the crowd is always there! Tell me why and would you try?

    No...No tummy ache the day after!


    Jalan Kee Ann
    A side lane after passing Madam Kings Shopping Centre
    (so make sure you park your car upon reaching Madam King's)

    For more photos:

    Lushia's Food Blog- Flavours of Malacca II


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