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  • Durian Cream Puff & Crispy Durian Roll & Durian Fire Ball @ Jonker Street, Malacca

    Just a quick post to share with durian lovers. If you happen to be in Malacca, do try this!


                               Durian Cream Puff @ Jonker Street, Malacca (Melaka)

    Puff filled with fresh durian puree and fresh cream @ RM 15.00 for half a dozen. Rich, fresh and creamy- best served chill. Ever- enjoyable!

    After a chilled durian dessert, now here is something hot for you! And, it's durian again!


                          Crispy Durian Roll & Durian Fire Ball @ Jonker Street, Malacca

                                  Crispy Durian Roll & Durian Fire Ball, 3 pieces at RM 5.00
    Crispy Durian Roll- light and crispy popiah (spring roll) skin wrapped with fresh durian puree. Durian Fire Ball- glutinous rice with breadcrumb coating filled with premium durian puree. Interesting snack! Both, best served hot.

    The dessert and snacks are both from different shops located along Jonker Street, but within walking distance.

    Both are good. Bravo to the King of Fruits!

    For more photos:

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