• Mochi Sweets @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

    Mochi rice cakes are sweet Asian deserts originated from Japan. The rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and then moulded into round shape. It is a traditional dessert usually sold and eaten during the Japanese New Year.


    Its popularity has quickly spread throughout Asia and that it is now a common dessert that can be easily spotted in supermarkets. But, to have fresh and toothsome Mochi, Mochi Sweets is absolutely a good one to go for.


    Mochi Sweets_01


    Mochi Sweets Japanese Luxury Deli @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City


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    12 flavors set @ RM 40.00

    Peach cream, caramel macchiato, purple potato, red bean, green tea, strawberry, sakura, mango yoghurt, blueberry cream, chestnut cream, black chocolate and cream chocolate.

    6 Top selling flavors set @ RM 21.00

    Green tea, red bean, cream chocolate, mango yoghurt, blueberry cream & chestnut cream

    Per mochi @ RM 3.50 - RM 4.00 (depending on the fillings)


    Enjoy the soft and chewy Mochi texture and the creamy and yummy fillings. Mochi by Mochi Sweets certainly makes a perfect sweet ending after a meal. It can also be presented as a gift to your family and friends.



    • The Gardens Mall (Lot S-K01, 2nd Floor)
    • Tokyo Street @ Pavilion (Lot No. P6.15.00, Level 6)



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