• Hassan Mee Rebus @ Padang Temu, Malacca (Melaka)

    One of the favorite places for lunch of yesteryear. A famous shop located at the roadside that serves delicious Mee Rebus.


    Hassan Mee Rebus_01


    Hassan Mee Rebus @ Padang Temu, Malacca

    The business has been going on for 40 years or more, starting with a tricycle stall in the 70's and then moved to the current location in the 90's. The crowd has been gradually growing over the years. Be there early else savor no more!


    Hassan Mee Rebus_03


    Mee Rebus @ RM 3.00 per plate

    Mee Rebus literally means boiled noodles, is a popular dish in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The yellow noodles are served with spicy, sweet curry gravy prepared with dried shrimps. Gravy extremely tasty!


    Among Malaccans, Hassan's Mee Rebus is already well known. And if you are not a Malaccan, you probably might be interested! Check it out!


    Hassan Mee Rebus
    Padang Temu (by the road)

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