• Yam Rice & Pork Meat Soup @ Restaurant Kok Keong

    Located at the Historical City of Malacca, Restaurant Kok Keong is one of the old renowned restaurants that serves yam rice with pork meat soup.

    Pork meat soup, also known as bak kee in Hokkien is similar to our local famous dish- Bak Kut Teh, a Chinese cuisine popularly served in Malaysia and Singapore.


    Ba ki_001


    Restaurant Kok Keong @ Jalan Kampung Pantai, Malacca
    The restaurant has been serving it's customer for seventy years; now operating by the second generation.


    Ba ki_002


    Pork Meat Soup (Bak Kee) served with yam rice


    Pork meat soup features slices of pork belly, flour dipped thin slices of meat and various offal-y bits in a herbal rich broth accompanied with diner's choice of plain rice or yam rice. Yam rice is a good choice though- Yam was indistinct in the rice, but you wouldn't miss it. Rice texture was perfect, fluffy and satisfying and absolutely blends well with the thick, inky aromatic soup.

    Brunching pork meat soup with yam rice on a bright sunny Sunday! A perfect meal before the week ends!


    Restoran Kok Keong,
    Jalan Kampung Pantai (one block in from Lorong Hang Jebat)

    Operating Hours:

    730am-2pm and 6pm until the bak kee runs out
    Closed Wednesdays.



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