• Capital Delicious Seafood @ side lane of Jalan Kee Ann (Bunga Raya) Malacca

    Jalan Kee Ann, also known as Bunga Raya is the China Town( Petaling Street ) of Malacca. Be it, day or night, you will be able to savior varrious of Chinese food here.

    Few of the famous ones are- Teo Chew Porridge during day time ( I will cover this in my later post) , Fried Oyster and Wan Tan Noodles at night.

    And what else? Here it is............ the cockles on the dark side lane. Stall I am covering this round- Capital Delicious Seafood (They don't really serve seafood actually)- infact the seafood serves are only cockles - see ham, lala & balitong.

      Capital Delicious Seafood @ side lane of Jalan Kee Ann (Bunga Raya) Malacca

    People waitng for seats. There are actually two stall soperating at the side lane. Heard that the first stall (Tong Bee)seems to be better. Not our luck, we were late that day and they were closed already. But then again, Capital Delicious Seafood seems good too.

              The appetizing sweet and spicy chilli sauce with shrimp paste to go with the cockles.

                                     Si Ham - Cockles- half boiled- just nice!

    Besides si ham and lala, there are other choices like balitong, snails and mussels too.

    Snack plate- friend bean curds skin with fist paste filling, springy fish balls top with peanuts and sweet lemon sauce and shrimp paste.

    Sotong Kangkung- Fresh boiled cuttlefish with water spinach served with same sauce as the snack plate above.

    Hhhmmmm... will try out Tong Bee stall next round. Got to be early, especially weekends! No doubt, Capital Delicious Seafood is worth trying too!

    Rating: 6/10


    Jalan Kee Ann
    A side lane after passing Madam Kings Shopping Centre
    (so make sure you park your car upon reaching Madam King's)

    For more photos:

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