• My Rock & Roll Blues Cafe @ Melaka-Malacca


    Mr Mark Britt Ruffin from Maryland,USA has been running this cafe since 1997. Back then, dad's shop was just a few doors away and we used to dine at Rock & Rolls quite frequently. And then we moved. Nostalgically, bro brought us back to pay Mr Mark a visit.


    Nothing much has changed except our age! Everything else is well kept. The vintage and classic concept that blends along with the coziness of the cafe makes here a perfect place to chill. Mr Mark loves playing guitar and he runs a band, you will note that there are lots of posters of legendary artists and rock & roll bands.

    My Rock & Roll Blues Cafe @ Melaka-Malacca


    As good as before. The only "true" American home-cooked food in town. They do serve certain western food that fits the local demand as well. 


    Vegetable soup and garlic bread come with main order. Garlic bread- soft and yet aromatically toasted. Good indeed!


    Fillet Steak @ MYR 52.00 served with salad, garlic bread, fresh veggie, baked beans and mashed potato. Tenderly grilled served with rich, creamy delicious sauce.

    Spagethi Bolognaise @ MYR 22.00
    - Classic!


    Chicken Cordon Blue @ MYR 20.00 served with salad, garlic bread, fresh veggie, baked beans and mashed potato. Rich and tasty.

    Thai Chicken Fillet @ MYR 16.00 served with baked beans and french fries. Sweet, sour and spicy sauce with perfectly grilled chicken.

    Wrap up:

    If I ever ask you, where is a good place for authentic western food in Malacca and your answer is Amigo- I am going to knock your head. Come on!! There are few better choices in Malacca! Rock & Roll...rocks!!

    Psst! Psst! Mr Mark is a proud owner of 200 or more guitars! By the way, there are live band performances avaiable at certain hours.


    My Rock & Roll Blues Café
    34, Jalan Melaka Raya 23,
    Taman Melaka Raya,Bandar Hilir,
    75000 Melaka

    Tel:+606-284 9652
    HP: 016-673 9652

    For more photos:

    Lushia's Food Blog-My Rock & Roll Blues Cafe @ Melaka-Malacca


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